The owner is an industrialist of an import used car sales company after experiencing executive hotel managing. This project initiated with an ambition to create a new scene of the space for coexistence of cars and people.

Nakasu has a distinctive landscape with a huge park as a symbol of Tsukuba ward in the rear and a busy traffic highway on the frontage. Thus we conceptualized ARUMIK as a gate which interconnects the symbolic elements of the park and the traffic. The façade is covered up with louvers to close the outward. The inner space is perforated with void space from the top to the bottom with the Passage gliding in the air. The 1st floor to the 3rd floor lays a placid maisonette sales studios in addition to the core.

These additive studios with a show room and a gallery provide another space to appreciate the park view. The view of the vivid park plunges into the penthouse on the top floor through picture windows not like other tenant floors. ARUMIK is a gorgeous example of SOHO residence in Tokyo.


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Location Tsukuba city Ibaraki
Completion 2003. 11
Lot area 490.39㎡
Site area 284.93㎡
B1F floor area 189.23㎡
1F floor area 106.18㎡
2F floor area 191.21㎡
3F floor area 124.08㎡
PH floor area 25.11㎡
Total floor area 635.81㎡
Structure RC (Partially Steel)
Scale B1F+3F+PHF
Typology Shop + Office + Private Housing
Family structure A couple
Structure engineers Masaki Structural Laboratory
Kenta Masaki
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