The clients of this project are the master as an analog games author and his wife as an editor-in-chief of a publisher. They had eventually met Kagurazaka where they could feel at home and bought a second-hand apartment after moving their residence several times. This renovation project began with their wish to own a house as the residence and work.

The owner gave us a design concept of “DENIM” which metaphorically expresses its indigo blue with the material that seeps its more taste chronologically like vintage denims. Not to nullify the unified vintage atmosphere of their furniture they had collected as their hobby, we attempted to plan with much care.

The feature of the entire space is arranged as a “on” and “off” space with storage beds. By arranging storage as a back yard, DENIM contains vivid sequential space. We want the residents to be wrapped by this aging house like a vintage denim.


[Tokyo Seikatsu]







Locatio Shinjuku ward Tokyo
Completion 2003. 6
Total floor area 65.96㎡
Structure RC
Family structure A couple (40s)
Construction Jutaku Sobi
Photographer Hisahiko Matsuda
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