This is a project of two household’s residence in a deep perspective site facing tree-lined Shirayama Street.

The owners are a married couple who experienced living in the UK and their parents. This project began with their wish to live in a familiarized place happily together

DICE is separated into two constitutions that the entrance facing the main street is for son‘s household while the recessed entrance is for parents.

A room for playing the drums which is one of the owner‘s hobby and a comfortable study for bibliophilistic father are provided.

Roadside trees come into sight full of window from the living room on the 3rd floor. In the midst of Tokyo, this healing scenery makes it conscious of nature.

DICE is protean with fixtures making accessible between two households in case they wish to live together with no wall.



[Kenchiku Chishiki]

[MOCOLOCO] (Italy)


Location Shirayama Bunkyo ward Tokyo
Completion 2007. 9
Lot area 166.87㎡
Site area 70.65㎡
1F floor area 65.53㎡
2F floor area 68.85㎡
3F floor area 62.37㎡
Total floor area 196.75㎡
Structure RC
Scale 3F
Typology Private Housing
Family structure 2 households
Structure engineers Masaki Structural Laboratory
Kenta Masaki
Facility engineers Shimada architects
Zenei Shimada
Construction Maekawa Cnstruction
Photographer Masao Nishikawa
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