The owners are an Olympic athletics prize winner and a café master who had experienced working holiday in New Zealand. Having started running a café for a few years in their hometown, Kyoto, this plan began when the intimate sisters with each different experience had met Yokohama and showed interest in designing and living in their own café.

They possess an aluminum-skinned spacey caravan called air-stream. F became free space to meet their offer of an inner space that matches with the aluminum caravan. Although being compact, the space secures 3m ceiling height and blows new wind into the monochrome surroundings. The owner‘s residence lies in the second floor. The architecture became flexible in the characteristics of young women .



[Career Transition]


[Small House”ism”]


Location Yokohama city Kanagawa
Completion 2005. 3
Lot area 138.34㎡
Site area 45.63㎡
1F Floor area 38.91㎡
2F Floor area 37.26㎡
Total floor area 76.17㎡
Structure Timber
Scale 2F
Typology Shop + Private Housing
Family structure sisters
Structure engineers Masaki Structural Laboratory
Kenta Masaki
Facility engineer Shimada Architects
Zenai Shimada
Construction Maekawa Construction
Photographer Tomonori Nakamura
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