The client is a hair stylist in his mid 30s. After having brushed up his skill in famed hair-salons in Tokyo and Nagoya, he set up as a professional hair stylist. He chose to own a hair salon gallery as a next step to spend creative time with his colleagues for the next 20 years.

He purchased a plot relatively near from his work place, and this project started with his image of “a residence for hair-salon space” . With the inception of a vacant plot of land, FRUFFY consists mainly of a court house with a pilotis garage which is a comparatively quixotic feature for the metropolitan area.

Not only as a hair salon gallery, has FRUFFY had an art gallery on the 1st floor for a transmission point. In the second floor of a hair salon, lights and movable furniture perform in each situation like at nights, FRUFFY turns as a night bar. FRUFFY gives birth to a new interpretation of “residency” , “work” and “play”


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Location Tsukuba city Ibaraki
Completion 2003. 2
Lot area 335.02㎡
Site area 145.80㎡
1F floor area 29.16㎡
2F floor area 116.64㎡
Total floor area 145.80㎡
Structure Steel
Scale 2F
Typology Hair Salon/Gallery
Structure engineers Beppu Structures Office
Construction Asahi ETIC
Photographer Hisahiko Matsuda
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