Building area is only 22.20 square meters, and it is a narrow house based on RC (a part steel-frame building) the third floor.

An owner is a couple for 50 generations and daughter. It is the duplex house where the family of three adults lives in.

The site shape is the distorted quadrangle which faced two narrow-mindedness roads. Under these conditions, I assumed the first floor a half basement in order to secure the greatest volume and did the top floor with the big living dining of the hut back.

In the area that only 2 stories could build , I was able to secure space for the third floor.

I posted a sharp horizontal window in the first floor and the second floor that arranged a bedroom and cut eyes from neighboring environment. This horizontal window forms the appearance design of the building. In contrast with it, I assumed all the southeast roof sides of the third floor that became the incline roof a top light. Enough light pours to the first floor through grating stairs.

It may be said that Sharp and the simple space are right representatives of “the houses of the stature” in spite of a severe condition called three livings at deferred floor space 66.60 square meters.


Agent : TRANSISTOR (Shigetu Kimura)



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Location Meguro ward Tokyo
Completion 2004. 4
Lot area 40.81㎡
Site area 22.20㎡
1F Floor area 22.20㎡
2F Floor area 22.20㎡
3F Floor area 22.20㎡
Total floor area 66.60㎡
Structure RC (partly Steel)
Scale 3F
Typology Private Housing
Family structure A couple + a child
Structure engineers Masaki Structural Laboratory
Kenta Masaki
Facility engineers Shimada architects
Zenei Shimada
Construction Ryozo Kimura construction
Photographer Yukihisa Matsuda
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