Kangaroo Hotel

This is a project of a hostel for western backpackers favorably near to Asakusa; one of the most famous sightseeing areas.

The owner thinks this neighborhood, massed with old hostels entails innovative functions to meet the globalization which dramatically changed the quality and quantity of visitors. Thus Kangaroo Hotel was made at this time with the concept ; “backpackers hostel” .

On the 1st floor lobby, the internet and a café space are arranged so that travelers can collect information and share public space.

The upper floors have minimum rooms for singles and couples. The rooftop is a communication space where travelers can associate and hold events. This Kangaroo Hotel models conventional western dormitories so that both men and women feel free to lodge comfortably.





Location Nihondutumi Taito ward Tokyo
Completion 2009. 3
Lot area 132.63㎡
Site area 87.49㎡
1F floor area 83.49㎡
2F floor area 86.05㎡
3F floor area 86.05㎡
PHF floor area 5.32㎡
Total floor area 260.91㎡
Structure RC
Scale 3F+PHF
Typology Guest House
Structure engineers Masaki Structural Laboratory
Kenta Masaki
Facility engineers EDO
Kazuyoshi Takei
Construction Maekawa Constructions
Photographer Masao Nishikawa
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