A steel constructed house project has started in a traditional wooden residential built up area in Sumida ward. The client is a single woman in her twenties who brought up locally. With her attachment, she offered a residence to live with her parents with a precept of rebuilding the central room.

With 31.99sqm site area and 19.08sqm building area being extremely narrow, in order to hold sufficient inner scale, thin pre-manufactured LGS panel was inserted systematically which nullified the field wielding at comparatively low price. The studied minimum wall thickness allowed the inner space to be maximum.

Much alike previous SEVEN, vertical “one-room” is based on central stairwell. Given the condition of 3 bedrooms placed in each floor, MINI secures private. In limited space of 3.3sqm void and terrace overlaps and creates comfortable space and profundity


[B1 MAGAZINE] (Thai)

[Small House Tokyo] (UK)





[Small House”ism”]


Location Sumida ward Tokyo
Completion 2004. 10
Lot area 31.99㎡
Site area 19.08㎡
1F Floor area 19.08㎡
2F Floor area 19.08㎡
3F Floor area 14.04㎡
Total floor area 52.20㎡
Structure LGS
Scale 3F
Typology Private Housing
Family structure A couple + their parents
Structure engineers Masaki Structural Laboratory
Kenta Masaki
Facility engineer Shimada Architects
Zenei Shimada
Construction Maekawa Construction
Photographer Mikihisa Matsuda
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