The owner is a practical businessman conducting import sales of vintage Scandinavian furniture and beddings.

This project started with the concept of concrete space which harmonizes with Scandinavian furniture such as Arne Emil Jacobsen and Poul Kjarholm.

The plot places in a tranquil residential area of Seongbuk-Dong in suburb Soul.

Seongbuk-Dong on the great hill where overseas embassies concentrate and artists set their residents, represents just like “Korean Beverly Hills”

To answer the severe condition of 30% coverage ratio, we intended to realize the inner world as a court house extending its space to the entire underground. The spectacular view from the large protruding opening produces vivid to their everyday lives.

At the same time the surroundings precede some other residential projects, and as part of it, we were committed to designing an architecture which could be a legacy of the entire city.

This is the first auspicious overseas project of APOLLO.


Location Seongbuk-Dong Seongbuk-gu Seoul
Completion 2011.10
Lot area 371.91㎡
Site area 110.20㎡
B1F floor area 276.19㎡
1F floor area 110.20㎡
2F floor area 110.20㎡
Total floor area 211.98㎡
Structure RC
Scale B1F-2F
Typology Private housing
Family structure A couple + 3 children
Structure engineers SDG
Facility engineers EOSplus
Construction Jang hak
Design cooperation Jang hak design
Photographer Masao Nishikawa
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