Tower structured 5 stories high, small-sized residence constructed in metropolitan heart of Chiyoda ward. The owner is a single in twenties who brought up and resolved to live up in this area. She offered this residence to facilitate a considerably large entrance that would welcome everyone and symbolic step stairs penetrating the center axis of this residence. An ideal house being for her was exceedingly simple having lived in a top floor of social building for most of her life.

Since the site area is narrow, the point of zoning was the section rather than the plan. From the top light, via the 5-classed stairwell, sunlight pours down onto the 1st floor. The upper class from the 3rd floor with water area is private space while the lower class is public vertically.

With the gently stitched public and private space being a natural tree alike, the residence holds marvelous atmosphere living in the branches of a huge tree.


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Location Chiyoda ward Tokyo
Completion 2001. 7
Lot area 29.92㎡
Site area 23.12㎡
1F Floor area 22.00㎡
2F Floor area 23.12㎡
3F Floor area 11.56㎡
4F Floor area 11.56㎡
Total floor area 68.24㎡
Structure RC
Scale 4F
Typology Private housing
Family structure Master + Pet Dog
Structure engineers Yoshikiti Tanaka Structural Architect
Facility engineers APOLLO
Satoshi Kurosaki
Construction Team Watanabe
Photographer Tomonori Nakamura
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