SLASH is located along a coastline relatively near from Kaneya-Marina. The family of client lives in Taito ward. The family offered a holiday house to relax on weekends looking toward the ocean.

A simple concrete structured one storied residence has a long north-to-south axis. The view of shoreline can be seen from every room without anything to obstruct the luxurious panoramic ocean scenery. Sitting in the happy family circle with the sunset beyond description heals the urban city life


[Kenchiku Chishiki]

[Jutakujoho Hoshi Resort]

[CENTRAS] (Lithuania)

[Architecture Highlights 2] (China)


[The best residence back on the street]DAIKIN air style contest 2007, Special Award


Location Futtsu city Tokyo
Completion 2006. 12
Lot area 383.00㎡
Site area 121.29㎡
1F Floor area 97.60㎡
Total floor area 97.60㎡
Structure RC
Scale 1F
Typology Villa
Family structure A couple + 2 children
Structure engineers Masaki Structures Institute
Kenta Masaki
Facility engineers WA Facilities Planning Office
Construction JP Home
Photographer Masao Nishikawa
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