The owners are the master as a fashion magazine manager and his wife as a former press of a famous apparel brand in their 30s. This project started from the plot search to attain one where they and the child could live peacefully.

They eventually reached a recessed plot in a tranquil residential area.

Even though being surrounded by two-storied buildings, this plot is located on a relatively high landscape and has the potential to obtain the sky view.

The living room came on the sunniest 2nd floor to make full use of the landscape and surroundings.

The Bed room and the study room are arranged in the 1st floor to perform a placid space.

Thick walls to secure private roof terrace are inserted at the 2nd floor where the most eyes gather and TARP obtained their own sky view.

The large timber roof flexibly spreading over the slanted terrace without any column is as if one cloth fluttering in the air

The lifestyle with the light and the wind spreading beneath the roof makes residents feel in the outer world.





Location Asagaya-kita Suginami ward Tokyo
Completion 2009. 8
Lot area 94.87㎡
Site area 53.61㎡
1F floor area 52.40㎡
2F floor area 42.28㎡
Total floor area 93.24㎡
Structure Timber (partially Steel)
Scale 2F
Typology Private housing
Family structure A couple (30s) + 2 children
Structure engineers Masaki Structures Laboratory
Kenta Masaki
Facility engineers Shimada Architects
Zenei Shimada
Construction Honma Construuction
Photographer Masao Nishikawa
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