At the plot in the busy downtown Sendai, the surroundings cluster commercial buildings. The plot sets at a corner facing a long and narrow public road. The client works at an advertising company and likes surfing as a hobby and his wife is a famed apparel company agent.

What they had wished to own in a word, was a thoroughly simple and refined residence. To obtain a higher security, the frontage facing the public street only sets a horizontal window to realize a simple but dignified facade.

Because the plan is L-shaped spreading toward the south, in one step into the volume, you can feel the contrast of in/out such as impressions of ample external space while the exterior emerges compact…

If you step onto the symbolized L-shaped approach stairs, the living room, dining room and the kitchen appear gradually by each layer.

Wherever you are in LINEA, the family feels one solid unity.


  • Location Aoba ward Sendai city Miyagi
    Completion 2011.11
    Lot area 180.51㎡
    Site area 74.53㎡
    1F floor area 54.65㎡
    2F floor area 71.77㎡
    Total floor area 126.42㎡
    Structure Timber
    Scale 2F
    Typology Private housing
    Family structure A couple (30s) + a child
    Structure engineers Nomura Structures Architects
    Motoi Nomura
    Facility engineers Shimada Architects
    Zenei Shimada
    Construction Maruhon-gumi
    Photographer Masao Nishikawa
  • 所在地 宮城県仙台市青葉区
    竣工 2011年11月
    敷地面積 180.51㎡(54.60坪)
    建築面積 74.53㎡(22.54坪)
    1F床面積 54.65㎡(16.53坪)
    2F床面積 71.77㎡(21.71坪)
    延床面積 126.42㎡(38.24坪)
    構造 木造
    規模 地上2階建
    用途 専用住宅
    家族構成 夫婦(30代) 子供1人
    構造設計 野村一級建築事務所
    設備設計 シマダ設計
    施工 丸本組
    建築写真 西川公朗