The owners are a master who is a major Telco engineer having football and fishing as hobbies and his wife as a shrewd editor of gourmet in their 30s.

JADIN internalized the client’s wish to feel mentally and physically sound in their busy lives.

We prioritized privacy in this single-story residence with four gardens located in a 330-square-meters property. The gardens include one along the path between the front gate and front door; a large central courtyard facing the bedrooms and living-dining room; a miniature garden between the drawing room and bath; and a roof garden that shares space with solar panels. Looking out on these various gardens, with each of its character, the resident encounters the nature of all seasons within itself with the vivid vista of sunlight and fresh air.



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Location Tokyo
Completion 2008. 7
Lot area 330.86㎡
Site area 127.53㎡
1F floor area 127.53㎡
Total floor area 127.53㎡
Structure RC
Scale 1F
Typology Private housing
Family structure A couple (30s) + a child
Structure engineers Masaki Structural Laboratory
Kenta Masaki
Facility engineers Shimada Architects
Zenei Shimada
Construction Maekawa Construction
Photographer Masao Nishikawa
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