“I would like to dish up the magnificence and glamour of stones with Japanese cuisines” the owner who is a stone material specialist as an avocation had said to us and we decided to adopt limestone for the texture. The delicate grained velvety materiality and the monotonous hue represents just like “Tofu” (Japanese soy-bean cake)

Besides stone, the space made up with natural wood, steel and other genuine materials created elaborately by craftsmen features nobleness which can commonly be sensed in the impression of Japanese traditional food.

The approach to the entrance shapes thin and narrow. The slight difference in level is the key spice of KOUSEKI. The whole counters with open voids on the top, fronting the strident Aoyama Street are wrapped in flexible indirect illuminations. Faint glow leaking through the timber grids of the entrance is just like city lanterns. KOUSEKI would give you full satisfaction with luminous dishes.




[Tokyo Walker]







Location Minamiaoyama Minato ward Tokyo
Completion 2004.7
Structure RC
Typology Restaurant
Construction AKD
Photographer Koji Matsuda
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