Small residence of 27sqm, 3 stories high, steel constructed house in tranquil area. The owners are a married couple in their twenties. The site obtained in an auction consists of extremely narrow 3.5m wide and 11m deep looking toward a park. The architecture with its frontage of 3m and 9m in depth is a relatively slim form in the zigzag shaped site.

Expecting the area to be crowded with buildings in the future, TUTU is fully open in frontage and structure wall is inserted in long sides instead of openings. In the result, the form is much alike a pipe (TUTU) with a modern visual.

Thanks to the green growing luxuriantly in the park, vivid green scenery could be observed without feeling narrowness in frontage. The top light pouring down from the top floor spawns shades on pure-white wall. The scenery never palls and makes it forgetful of being in a narrow area.

This turned to be a paragon of reversing an unfavorable condition by architecture.


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Location Sumida ward Tokyo
Completion 2004. 4
Lot area 39.26㎡
Site area 27.00㎡
1F Floor area 27.00㎡
2F Floor area 27.00㎡
3F Floor area 27.00㎡
Total floor area 81.00㎡
Structure Steel
Scale 3F
Typology Private Housing
Family structure A couple + a child
Structure engineers Masaki Structural Laboratory
Kenta Masaki
Facility engineer Shimada Architects
Zenei Shimada
Construction Suzuka Construction
Photographer Mikihisa Matsuda
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