• Contact

    Please refer to contact menu, and then we will provide you the information of the first meeting.

  • Conference and Arrangement

    Please visit our office and we will inquire the plan. In this stage, we will discuss approximate analysis and conceptual designs for further developments.

  • Administration and Contract

    When consultations and arrangements reach a mutual agreement, the client and the designer formally conclude into the Supervision Contract. In this process, we will decide the schedule, the business range, the administration charge and the payment condition.

  • Fundamental Plan

    In this stage, we will again make interviews and start the practical designing. First, we will propose fundamental plans (Plan Elevation Section) and building models, and go over meetings to superimpose master plans. Then we move onto the approximate estimation, once the confirmation identified this process reaches completion.(approximately 2 months)

  • Practical Plan

    In this stage we will decide details as materials, technical specifications, furniture, electrical facilities and etc. In order for the feasible construction we prepare meetings over and over to provide detailed charts. These practical plans will be necessary for the Construction Agreement. (approximately 3 months)

  • Support of Construction Agreement

    We will provide our clients a full support during the process to reach the Construction Agreement with Construction Company. We integrate estimations from several companies to analyze the cost. For evaluations, we scrutinize and compare the circumstance and the working quality of the companies to reach the most appropriate commission.(approximately 1.5 months)

  • Application agency of
    Architecture Confirm

    After the completion of the estimation and the master plan, we apply the civil application institutions for “architecture confirm” . Depending on the contents of design, the permission takes at least one month and half.

  • Supervision

    We explain the content of the design to the construction company and go and check in the field if the construction processes
    properly. (approximately 6 months)

  • Completion and Transfer

    If there being no problem after prudent inspections, we will be witness to the transfer. Handing over the keys and the usage instructions will be conducted by the construction company. Then after signing up the delivery document, the building will be the clients’ possession.

  • Cooperation of Maintenance
    and Management page top

    We will again be witness to the annual inspection service by the construction company. Then we will prepare to instruct the construction company for the repair and the additional design if necessary. (charge required)