The plot is located downtown of Sendai in a high quality residential area

The owner is an electric construction company agent, his wife and his high school student son. The corner lot being busy with traffic, the project started with the intention to secure privacy by arranging peripheral walls. The dinning space of the first floor facing the front yard holds separated stages parallel to the deck space outside. The court yard between the living room and the kitchen with a maple tree planted points up as a gravity point of EDGE. A multi-use balcony which can be a roof garden shapes a peculiar form stretching onto the front yard. At the bottom of the wall surrounding the 1st floor, the façade looks in furtively.

The white external insulation wall adopts photocatalystic coatings called hydrotect both for protection and beauty. EDGE is designed nimbly to show its sharp edge deleting the impression of heavy RC. Modern EDGE provides luxury and sharp atmosphere.


[architonic] (Swiss)

[Interiores minimalisas]

[ART & SOUL] (Spain)

[COOLBOOM] (Spain)

[designboom] (Italy)

[LICOMOCO] (Italy)




「Interiores minimalisas」







  • Location Taihaku ward Sendai city Miyagi
    Completion 2010. 9
    Lot area 264.52㎡
    Site area 100.36㎡
    1F floor area 93.54㎡
    2F floor area 62.34㎡
    Total floor area 155.88㎡
    Structure RC
    Scale 2F
    Typology Private housing
    Family structure A couple (40s) + a child
    Structure engineers Nomura 1st class architects office Hajime
    Hajime Nomura
    Facility engineers Shimada Architects
    Zenei Shimada
    Construction Team Ueno
    Photographer Masao Nishikawa
  • 所在地 宮城県仙台市太白区
    竣工 2010年9月
    敷地面積 264.52㎡(80.01坪)
    建築面積 100.36㎡(30.35坪)
    1F床面積 93.54㎡(28.29坪)
    2F床面積 62.34㎡(18.85坪)
    延床面積 155.88㎡(47.15坪)
    構造 鉄筋コンクリート壁式構造
    規模 地上2階建
    用途 専用住宅
    家族構成 夫婦(40代) 子供1人
    構造設計 野村一級建築事務所
    設備設計 シマダ設計
    施工 上の組
    建築写真 西川公朗