The client is a lover of architectures who subscribe to architecture specialized magazines from western Japan. This project began with their wish to live with their newborn daughter in the Tokyo area where they get used to.

The plot is in a recess of a street, favorably near to Komazawa Park in a tranquil residential area. To minimize the influence of eyes and noise from the mechanical car park in the vicinity, the family requested thick and thus safe concrete for the material.

With a slit window on the façade, we intended to design “closeness” to secure their privacy. On the other hand, the inner space holds an unexpected spacious interior.

From the spare room and the study on the first floor, velvet scene of the garden where the wife takes the major role can be appreciated. Going up to the second floor emerges one-room court house which contains 3 small and large light courts arranged at random. The core space zigzagging sequentially, this small plot is maximized respectively with transparent glasses.

“Open but close” is the main concept of SHELL placed in a dense but green abundant area. The art of light performance will give this house a vivid and placid life.


  • Location Fukasawa Setagaya ward tokyo
    Completion 2010. 7
    Lot area 128.61㎡
    Site area 63.98㎡
    1F floor area 56.20㎡
    2F floor area 59.54㎡
    Total floor area 115.74㎡
    Structure RC and Bearing wall structure
    Scale 2F
    Typology Private housing
    Family structure A couple (30s) +a child
    Structure engineers Masaki Structural Laboratory
    Kenta Masaki
    Facility engineers Shimada Architects
    Zenei Shimada
    Construction Maekawa Construction
    Photographer Masao Nishikawa
  • 所在地 東京都世田谷区深沢
    竣工 2010年7月
    敷地面積 128.61㎡(38.90坪)
    建築面積 63.98㎡(19.35坪)
    1F床面積 56.20㎡(17.00坪)
    2F床面積 59.54㎡(18.01坪)
    延床面積 115.74㎡(35.01坪)
    構造 鉄筋コンクリート壁式構造
    規模 地上2階建
    用途 専用住宅
    家族構成 夫婦(30代)+子供1人
    構造設計 正木構造研究所
    設備設計 シマダ設計
    施工 前川建設
    建築写真 西川公朗